last smartphoneTOGRAPHY…


so this is my last smartphone-photos post…i recently started a project that required a tumblr account and i figured that i could use it as my new home for the phone photos

took these on saturday while visiting columbus commons: my trusted and very treasured canon 5d mkii dslr (i get a lot of questions about what camera i use) and an attached 50mm 1.8 lens, beautiful church architecture/facade, a carousel (sadly, covered up for now), some flowers and hot orange tea!

you may visit my tumblr blog ‘a mango addict‘ by clicking hereย (thanks in advance!)

happy sunday!


8 thoughts on “last smartphoneTOGRAPHY…

  1. If McDonald’s haven’t hired you already, they need to rectify this oversight. I haven’t touched the stuff for ages, even with all the budda bup bah bah I’m lovin it tunes on TV. But when you post a photograph? I want some. I want to have a tea and ride a carousel in front of a church.

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