cold and sunny at the park

PicsPlay_1361642164368PicsPlay_1361642372984PicsPlay_1361642844849PicsPlay_1361642005455PicsPlay_1360889707937 i (and everyone else!) am anxiously waiting for some consistent weather…this yo-yo-ing of temperatures is getting old *sigh*

stopped by heritage park briefly (photos taken and edited on my smartphone)

they rent out these beautifully restored barns for various events…

and had a delicious veggie pizza!

happy sunday

photos by me


18 thoughts on “cold and sunny at the park

  1. I’m in awe of the quality you wring out of your smartphone, (iPhone?) it’s poetic when put against the text of the post. You manage to evoke a sense of warmth out of what looks to be a cold landscape, creating a visual yo-yo sensation.

  2. Really like the top 3 (maybe because I just had pizza for lunch, your image makes me full!). And I do like your thought process for your site name; very clever! Appreciate it a lot that you liked an older post of mine “Hydrangea Skeletons” (they’re finally ready to bloom again – yay, spring is coming!).

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