the architectural details

Awesome_1354988117219-2PicsPlay_1355869348971-2Awesome_1354988394830-2PicsPlay_1355855536151-2Awesome_1355855291338-2i LOVE architecture/interior design (well, i did study these fields in college!) and so i am not surprised that i take alot of interior/exterior shots of building details that catch my eye

the first shot is of the ceiling of a restaurant i went to recently…love the industrial feel and the attention-grabbing red piping

i also recently went to Annie Leibovitz’s photo exhibition at the beautiful Wexner Center (a must see exhibition if you love photography and its showing at a gallery near you!) Wexner Center is one of my favorite buildings on campus (ohio state U) because it is so interesting visually. the shot is part of the exterior facade that you have to see in person to appreciate its beauty

Dwell is one of my favorite architecture/interiors/furniture magazines. i love their bias towards green technology and innovative design, and gorgeous photo spreads, ofcourse

irish/english pubs have some of the best bar-food (i think). i stopped by my all time favorite Claddagh Irish Pub and i ordered the ‘usual’; bangers and mash and a pint of guinness…so delicious and filling!!

merry christmas and happy holidays to you

(photos taken and edited using my smartphone)

photos by me


18 thoughts on “the architectural details

  1. Hello mango! It’s been a while my friend! I hope you are keeping well. You’re one talented blogger and it reflects greatly on how you capture every moment. I wish you the best in 2013 and will be looking out for more of your masterpieces! Happy New Year! xx

    • awwww such a lovely message!!!
      indeed, its been a while..i hope you and yours are all well
      thank you kindly for the lovely words…
      i wish YOU the best in 2013 as well!!
      happy new year my friend ☺

  2. Irish pubs are remarkably consistent, I usually enjoy the meals I have at them a lot more than I expect. In fact the last Irish pub I had a drink and a meal at was called The Claddagh as well.

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