a quick HaLLo to my blog fAmiLy

Awesome_1354391246480PicsPlay_1353702562363Awesome_1354217277143PicsPlay_1353100661450PicsPlay_1353100314640i know i havent posted anything in a little while *sigh* but everyday life can suddenly leave you very little time for some of your favorite things. i have been quite busy with work, side-projects, deadlines etc….cant believe its december 2012?! where did the year go?!

i feel like i have neglected my blog and just wanted to make a quick post to let you all know that all is well…i just wish there were more hours in a day! since the holidays are upon us, i cant promise to post more often either-but i shall try!!

recenlty had smoked salmon, mashed potatoes and asparagus. strawberry swirl cheesecake was perfectly sweet after the thanksgiving holiday weekend. an external hard drive (finally!) bought at a great price over a busy cyber-monday…all my photos are safe (for now) and some nature shots from my backyard (i hope this winter will be as kind to us as the last one *fingers crossed*)

(all photos in this post were shot and edited using my smartphone)

i sincerely wish you all continuous health, happiness and love as the year draws to an end…

much love!!

photos by me



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