for dear YOU…

i just wanted to show my gratitude and appreciation, and say a ginormous THANK YOU to YOU and everyone else for making my little space aka mango.shenanigans so special to me…

without YOU, there’d be no blog to speak of…

i’m not celebrating an anniversary or a specific milestone, i just couldn’t help telling YOU how much joy and laughter  YOU have brought me through this blog…

many thanks to YOU for all the views, all the likes , all the comments and for following mango.shenanigans…

i can’t mention each one of  YOU by name but i am none the less full of gratitude for each of  YOU…

here are a few special shout-outs:

Going Dutch ~for being the 1st blogger ever to follow mango.shenanigans

menubyvicky ~top 5 commentator

sweetjellybean ~top 5 commentator

TASVEERZ ~top 5 commentator

odilonvert ~top 5 commentator

corkscrew, radish and sometimes a lily ~top 5 commentator

break-fast-love ~top 2 post as viewed by YOU

ComFest-ING ~top 2 post as viewed by YOU

(apologies for the long rambling post)

~much love and good karma~

photo by me


12 thoughts on “for dear YOU…

  1. Awwww… the bean is up there, too.. Why so sweet? I love all your posts (although WP has messed with all my alerts pfft) and all these pictures you took are simply breathtaking – some yummy – and inspirational. Thank you very much. Keep the awesomeness coming. 🙂

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