i had delicious ‘the dead texan’ cheeseburger…so filling!!

and a flower shot from one of the farm vendors at eco-chic craftacular, columbus

photos by me


10 thoughts on “‘dead’-burger

      • The current header in my blog is a photo of an orchid that I took several years ago…and I am not happy with the lighting at all 😛 I need to find a better photo for my header! Any ideas?

      • i actually really like your header…
        -visit a park (with lots of flowers-ofcourse!)
        -take shots of them at the golden hour (setting sun/sun is low in the sky)
        -take ALOT of shots, close-up, wide, different angles
        (this gives you loads of choice)
        -dont worry about equipment (camera/lens)
        great photograhpy is all about the “eye” not the camera etc

        happy shooting!!

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