i ❤ books

did i mention that i LOVE books/reading? i almost always have about 3 books to read at a time

and hardly a day goes by without reading a chapter…or two…or 200+ pages!

almost done with IQ84

its voluminous  at just over 920 pages…but worth it

theres dystopia, love, chance, destiny, parallel world…

but i wont bore you with my review, you can click here for more about the book on amazon

photos by me


12 thoughts on “i ❤ books

  1. Love that heart/book photo! I just finished Norwegian Wood and was thinking of giving What I Talk About When I Talk About Running a read soon. Not sure I could handle IQ84.

  2. I’m always on three books at once and it drives my husband nuts! I just find that there is too much out there that I want to read and I’m not one for patience 🙂 I heard good things about IQ84 and will need to pick it up soon.

  3. I’m definitely a multi-books-at-a-time kind of girl. 1Q84 was a really good read. I’ve read a ton of his works, and I think 1Q84 was my favorite–it felt like he really found his stride in this one.

  4. Loved IQ84 – Murakami is on of my fave authors – and What I think about when I think about running is great – esp if you run?
    (The photography on your blog is beautiful BTW!)

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